Chair : Prof Diane Purchase (Middlesex University)

Professor Diane Purchase

Diane is a Full Professor of Environmental Biotechnology. She with over 20 years’ experience researching the role of microorganisms in protecting the environment, she is keen to raise awareness of microorganisms and the environment.

She has been applying her expertise to champion the application of biotechnology and to inform and bring together different stakeholders for the betterment of the environment and society.

She has published widely and supervised a number of PhD students on the role of microorganisms in pollution control. She is member of the editorial boards of:

  • Environmental Geochemistry and Health
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Diane holds a number of executive positions in a several international learned societies. She engages extensively with the professional bodies and practitioners in the environmental area. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Institution of Environmental Sciences, and an elected Titular Member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Diane has chaired and organised many international symposia including the satellite event on e-waste in the 15th European Chemical Sciences International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment in Leipzig, Germany, in 2015; a plenary session on ‘Persistent Organic Pollutants and Waste Cycling’ the in 16th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment in Oslo, Norway, in 2017; the 46th World Chemistry Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2017 and the 47th Word Chemistry Congress in Paris, France, in 2019.

Co-Chair: Prof Yong Sik Ok (Korea University)

Prof Yong Sik Ok (Korea University)

Dr. Ok is a Full Professor and Research Director (Global) of Korea University in Seoul, Korea. He is also the Co-chair of CLEAR2018. His academic background covers waste management, bioavailability of emerging contaminants, and bioenergy and value-added products such as biochar. Professor Ok also has experience in fundamental soil science and remediation of various contaminants in soils and sediments. Together with graduate students and colleagues, Professor Ok has published over 600 research papers, 36 of which were ranked as Web of Science ESI top papers (34 nominated as “Highly Cited Papers” and 2 nominated as “Hot Papers”). Professor Ok is also recognized as a 2018 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher. He maintains a worldwide professional network through his service as a Co-Editor in Chief of Journal of Hazardous Materials, Co-Editor for Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology and as associate editor for Environmental Pollution and Bioresource Technology, and as a member of the editorial boards of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Chemosphere, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis and several other top journals. Professor Ok has served in a number of positions worldwide, including honorary professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, visiting professor at the Tsinghua University, China, adjunct professor at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, and guest professor at the Ghent University, Belgium. He currently serves as the Director of Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Sustainable Waste Management Program. Professor Ok has served as chairman of numerous major conferences such as Engineering Sustainable Development 2019 organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Institute for Sustainability and the APRU.

Honorary Chair: Prof Ming Hung Wong (The Education University of Hong Kong & Southern University of Science and Technology, China)

Prof Ming Hung Wong

Professor Wong is the founder of CLEAR. He is currently the Distinguished Visiting Professor of School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology; and Emeritus Professor of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Professor Wong served as the Coordinator of Central and North-East Asia of the project “Regionally based assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances”, and as a Panel Member (of three experts) of another project “Chemicals Management Issues of developing countries and countries with economies in transition”, both sponsored by UNEP/GEF, during 2001-2003, and 2010-2012, respectively.
Professor Wong has published over 650 SCI papers and 32 book chapters, edited 25 books/special issues of scientific journals, and has successfully filed 5 patents. According to the Ranking Web of Universities, Professor Wong was among the 3,160 Highly Cited Researchers (with H-index>100) of all disciplines around the world. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Geochemistry and Health (Springer).


  • Environmental and health risk assessments of persistent toxic substances
  • Ecological restoration of contaminated sites
  • Use of food waste for safe and quality fish production